eLog - Electronic Logbook for Pilots

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eLog - Electronic Logbook for Pilots

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Description:   eLog takes into consideration a range of times, including blocktime, in dependance of rank or position of the pilot, as well as night times, and suggests these to be saved. Any time that eLog has calculated can be edited to ensure that always the correct times are kept.

In order to save logbook data, eLog contains a steady growing airport and aircraft database. For instance, by choosing an aircraft by registration, eLog will set the correct aircraft type for you. These databases can be easily kept up to date via an internet update.

The flight logbook can then be evaluated in comprehensive statistics. These are broken down into flight times, landings, approach times, flown aircrafts and types, and of course information about airports you visited.

eLog contains the following features:
* eLog is a fully JAR-FCL 1.080 / EU-OPS 1 compliant electronic logbook.
* eLog is able to check your logbook for compliance with legal aspects like the 90-day rule for landings according EU-OPS 1 subpart N 1.1970.
* Automatic calculation of relevant flight times (incl. night times) based on the actual function within the crew.
* Detailled statistics about all flights.
* The airport and aircrafts databases of eLog are permantently updated to ensure that always the most recent data is used. On availability of new data, it is immediately inserted in eLog.
* Fully automatic program- and database-updates via the internet.
* Easy-to-use and fast import- and export-functions including encryption for quick and secure backup purposes.
* Various security related functions such as data- and program-integrity checks.
* Multi-user support: eLog can be used by different users on the same PC completely independent from each other.
* Multi-language support: eLog can now be translated into various languages. Right now, language packs for English and German are provided.
* Map display: eLog is able to paint saved flights as great circles with some informationen on a selection of different maps.
* Printing function for printing the logbook data.
* A program documentation integrated into eLog.
* Only LH-crews: Automatic updates of the duty plan and flight times via VPN and CRA.
* Only LH-crews: Calculation of BZW hours for every flight. Therefore, eLog contains the actual BLZ68 tables.

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